In addition to covering the law and regulating blockchain, smart contracts and digital assets, this newsletter also discusses legal developments that support the infrastructure and ecosystems that enable the use and acceptance of these new technologies. The UK Legal Commission is launching projects on smart contracts and digital assets. On 21 September, the UK Legal Committee announced that it had launched two projects to adapt English law for smart contracts and digital assets. The Legal Committee said it would analyse the Smart Contracts Act to find loopholes in legislation and identify reforms to ensure that the law could respond to the growing use of the technology. In addition, the Commission will look at digital assets to ensure that the law is able to accommodate electronic documents, crypts and other digital assets to enable technology to flourish. OCC advises on the risks of facilitating ransomware payments. On October 1, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued a recommendation on the risks of potential sanctions related to facilitating ransomware payments to companies that facilitate ransomware payments to cyber actors on behalf of victims, including financial institutions, cyber-insurance companies and companies involved in digital forensics and incident response. OFAC argues that facilitating these payments may violate OFAC rules and potentially encourage future ransomware payment requirements. Judge Alvin Hellerstein of the Southern District of New York gave a summary verdict to the SEC, which determined that the token Kin issued by Kik Interactive, Inc. was a guarantee. After the telegram`s decision, this conclusion is not surprising.

On the contrary, he points out that many of the proposed arguments that digital tokens are not titles will not be successful. Read more. The SEC issues a letter of action that allows ATS to manage transactions with digital asset security. On September 25, the SEC Division of Trading and Markets (DTM) issued a non-action letter on the role of registered broker dealers in other trading systems (ATS) that trade in digital asset securities. The letter states that the DTM will not recommend any SEC enforcement action if a broker who operates an ATS is able to facilitate trade between the broker and his clients under the following conditions: Gabriella Kusz, Director, Global DCA Phone: `1-847-644-3686 Email: “As part of our trip, we saw the opportunity to reinvent the legal framework that protects both parties in the stock exchange. Security and transparency for our institutional clients were at the heart of the development before our launch of the platform. That`s why we were advised by Norton Rose Fulbright and worked together to ensure that our clients` agreements meet international and institutional standards and provide the security they must implement today and beyond in these markets. Space Force orders to develop blockchain-based data protection systems.