Wilson Parking must transfer Commission-approved car rentals to a buyer authorised by the Commission. It must also notify the Commission of all plans to acquire new car parks in Wellington Central for the next five years. Yes, yes. You can add a promotional code to your account before the start date. Just go to `Options` in your app, then `Promotional Codes` and `Add a new advertising code`. You can only apply this code to parking sessions when it starts, but it will be visible in your account. Download epark first from the App Store or Google Play. Then select “Connect” to create your account. You are asked to identify a credit card during the registration process – this credit card is debited at Desonstaus start-up. The Wilson One card is not a financial instrument and cannot be used for payments other than a Wilson One parking lot if they are linked to an active account. The availability of Wilson One car parks may vary from time to time. For occasional parking spaces, the occasional parking rates apply according to the schedules indicated at the entrance to the car park.

You can find the terms and conditions in www.wilsonparking.com.au/terms. Click here to access the staff and student parking application form for the Bukit Timah Campus car park For all parking, advertising or collaboration management opportunities in our car parks, send us an email to bd@wilsonparking.com.sg for our sales and marketing team to provide a comprehensive solution to all your needs. In June 2016, Wilson Parking New Zealand Limited acquired the long-term lease for the capital car park (50-60 Boulcott Street), which included 659 publicly available parking spaces. It did not request the Commission`s authorization for the acquisition of the lease. In February 2017, the Commission received complaints from customers about price increases in capital parking, prompting it to review the acquisition under Section 47 of the Commerce Act, which prohibits acquisitions that could significantly affect competition in a market. In 2018, the Commission filed a complaint with the High Court for significantly reducing competition for parking spaces in the Boulcott Street area by acquiring the operating rights to the Capital car park. In order to close the proceedings, Wilson Parking has made legal commitments to the Commission and has committed to transfer the leases to three parking options it currently operates, including the Capital Car park. The total number of parking spaces sold is 850.

Wilson Parking will also pay $500,000 for the Commission`s costs. “The acquisition of Wilson Parking has eliminated one of the few alternatives for motorists who want to park in this part of Downtown Wellington, which we believe could lead to a significant reduction in competition,” said Anna Rawlings, Chair of the Commission.