As part of its `Mind the Gap` strategy, the Federal Council intends to ensure that the reciprocal rights and obligations in its relationship with the UK apply as much as possible after the UK`s withdrawal from the EU and that they are extended in certain areas. In this context, Switzerland and the United Kingdom have already signed agreements on road transport, air transport and insurance. In December 2018, the Federal Council adopted an agreement on citizens` rights with the United Kingdom. What framework does it apply to trade between the UK (UK) and Switzerland after leaving the EU? You must ensure that the work or transformation you are doing in the UK goes beyond the minimum operations mentioned in the agreement and that the other relevant conditions are met. You should check with the relevant customs authorities about your trade between the UK and Switzerland. In particular, the rules of origin agreed under the UK-Switzerland trade agreement will be reviewed no later than 30 months after the trade agreement enters into force. In 2017, Fox said the UK could “replicate the 40 free trade agreements before leaving the EU” on March 29 so there would be no trade disruptions. As part of its integration strategy, Switzerland has concluded at an early stage a series of new agreements with the United Kingdom in the areas of trade, migration, road and air transport and insurance. The aim of this strategy is to protect existing reciprocal rights and obligations as much as possible. Secondly, cooperation between Switzerland and the United Kingdom will be strengthened beyond current levels, in the interests of both parties (Mind the Gap). In addition to the trade agreement, Switzerland has agreements with the United Kingdom on air transport, insurance, transport and citizens` rights, and the coordination of social security systems as part of its “Spirit the Breach” strategy. There is also a temporary agreement between the two countries to ensure access to their respective labour markets. For more information, see the list of minimum transactions in Article 7 of the original protocol in the text of the TRADE agreement between the UNITED Kingdom and Switzerland.

Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin and British Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox signed a bilateral trade agreement on 11 February in Bern. The agreement guarantees the continuity of economic and trade rights and obligations arising from the agreements between Switzerland and the European Union (EU). It lays the groundwork for both sides to continue their strong economic and trade relations after the UK leaves the EU. The new agreement was concluded as part of the Federal Council`s “Mind the Gap” strategy. It corresponds to the vast majority of trade agreements with the EU, which currently govern relations between Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The tariff quotas in the agreement have been specially adapted in the United Kingdom. Details have been added on how this agreement is different from the current EU agreement. Updated certificates of origin will be available as soon as your regular supplier`s agreement comes into effect, for example. B chambers of commerce.