Subject to the provisions of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and any changes to it, vehicles, including components, faucets and content, will be fully transferred to the company at the customer`s risk. The entity is in no way liable for losses or damages or delays in the completion of services or repairs, unless this is due to the negligence or delay of the company, its employees or its assistants. 11.3. Subject to point 11.4 below, the company gives the customer the benefits of the manufacturer`s applicable warranty for parts attached to a vehicle as part of a repair or service. In addition, the company guarantees its work without processing defects for a period of 12 months or 15,000 miles, depending on the completion date of the work. 5.3. Each estimate is based on the work supplements and materials that are relevant at that time, and the company reserves the right to change the costs to deal with possible changes to the “no” rating, whether as a result of wage increases (by national agreements), materials or cost increases for other reasons, outside the proper control of the company. All contracts between the company and the buyer are subject to the law of England and Wales, and all disputes arising from a contract between the company and the buyer are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. In the event that the buyer is not satisfied with a repair or service performed by the company, the buyer should first contact the company to try to resolve the problem.

The company has set up an appeal procedure.-It also complies with the data protection law. 1.3 “Conditions” refers to the terms of the company`s business described in this document as well as all the specific terms and conditions agreed in writing by a director, a secretary of the company or another member of that company`s management team acting for and on behalf of the company. These conditions can be found in the company`s waiting room or on the company`s website 5.4. If additional work or materials are required for these repairs or subsequent tests, a surcharge is required. If this additional work results in a significant increase in the estimated amount, an additional estimate is submitted for adoption. Any vehicle that is not recovered by the customer and for which payment for repairs made has not been made within three calendar months of notification by the customer of the completion of the work can be sold by the company and any repair and storage costs may be deducted by the company from the net proceeds of the sale of the vehicle. However, before the sale of the vehicle, the company must first inform the customer, in writing, for seven days, of the notification that will be sent by first class prepaid mail to the last address of the customer known by the company and received by the customer the day after the day of the posting. , or if it is a Sunday or a public holiday, to be the first business day after. Any sale of the vehicle under this clause will be done by public auction and, after declaiming the sale, repairs and storage costs, the company will keep the balance for the benefit of the customer or pass it on to the customer at the last known address of the customer.