Fabulous Abu Dhabi Hotel Management has an experienced technical support team in Abu Dhabi. It provides advisory technical assistance in planning, architecture and landscaping, interiors and development layouts, as well as providing advice on compliance with development design – Fabulous Abu Dhabi Hotel Management Technical Guidelines. We look forward to developing our relationships across the country and working successfully with new partners. Please contact our Senior Vice President, Development, Andrea Foster, with questions you have at andreafoster@marcushotels.com or 414.905.1269. Take an active part in the opening of the hotel to the pre-opening team. All the pages of the hotel industry, the owners, the brands and the operators would do well to read the 80 pages of the Castillo Grand Case. This article focuses on one aspect of a project`s problems. It doesn`t matter who won and who lost, because the answer is that both sides lost. The same goes for the project.

Uncertainty is not a friend of the project`s development. In the event of problems within the TSA, relations between the parties may be irreparably compromised and other agreements, such as management and licensing agreements, can never have the opportunity to offer the long-term benefits that have been so heavily negotiated. Take part in design planning at the end and technical audits with the operations teams. In the absence of objective standards within the TSA, the court found that trademark approval required everything necessary to make the project`s interior architecture attractive to the decision makers of the brand`s executives. What complicates matters further is that the leaders and the design team have completely changed over the course of the project. With the “running meter” on the construction loan, the owner began to rush the normal planning and construction process on an extreme “fast track” called “cave construction.” In this “process” parts of the hotel were built by the training of subcontractors from sketches, notes and instructions from the interior designer instead of formal drawings. Mistakes, problems and compromises have led to escalating conflicts between the owner and the brand. The TSA is not “just another agreement.” It requires coordination with other agreements, including architecture, engineering, interior architecture, technical planning, construction and loan documents.

Those who take the ASD process lightly do so at their own risk.